CreditEase Inclusive Finance, China’s leading loan advisory service provider, specializes in meeting the financing needs of micro and small business owners as well as individuals for purposes such as business startup, education, capital turnover or consumption. Based on big data, finance cloud and other innovative technologies, the company conducts in-depth research on target groups and recommends extensive, convenient and safe lending sources and channels accordingly.

CreditEase Inclusive Finance has built a strong nationwide network covering 255 cities (including Hong Kong), and rural areas in 20 provinces across China, which not only helps urban customers get non-collateral and non-guaranteed credit loans, or car and home mortgages, but also provides financial services to rural customers including farm products, machinery leasing, as well as supply chain financing counseling.

As the bellwether of the industry, CreditEase keeps exploring new path to develop inclusive finance by innovating products and services, creating and unlocking credit value so as to promote individual development and social progress.